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Peri-menopause and menopause often bring emotional and physical changes.  Due to shifting hormones, you can feel totally different from day to day or even from morning to evening.   It’s like being blindfolded and dropped on a rollercoaster without knowing what’s happening next.

Maybe you are tired of feeling tired. Or anxiety has zapped your confidence and made you feel invisible.  Perhaps the brain fog is starting to scare you.  Do you feel someone has stolen the real you, and you want her back?

We can help

The Verve Clinic is a menopause and aesthetics clinic founded by husband-and-wife team Hazel (registered nutritional therapist) and Michael (medical aestheticist).

After her own difficult transition Hazel underwent specialist menopause training so you will feel listened to, understood and well-informed.  You don’t need another “diet”.  You need a personalised plan that works for you and the accountability and coaching to make it work in your life.

We specialise in a range of tests, from hormones to genetics.  This information can tell us the “what” and the “why” so that you understand yourself better and what your body needs.

All of the stress we experience throughout life, combined with the drop in oestrogen during menopause, can hasten the outward signs of ageing.  This doesn’t have to be a time of lost confidence and diminished sparkle.  Getting your glow back is much simpler than you might think with our innovative and natural aesthetic treatments.

Have you had enough and want to feel good about yourself again?

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What We Offer

Personalised Nutrition

Medical Aesthetics

Genetics & Nutrigenomics

Verve Success Stories

“I never thought I would feel human again.”

“I’m really pleased to help the signs of ageing as naturally as possible”

“I took a test to discover more about how to address my needs…I am confident that this is the way forward to manage my own health”

“Amazing nutrition support working at my level of ability”

“The advice has been integral to pressing the reset button and the way I look after myself”

“The treatments have helped me feel more confident and the results have always been excellent”

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