Verve Success Stories


Success Stories

Thanks for your help & support, I never thought I would feel almost human again & enjoy being on this earth.


Your competence shines through our conversations and I always look forward to speaking to you.


Just heard your hormone talk. We all need to be educated in this stuff!!!!!  It’s amazing!!!


I had started HRT treatment but didn’t know if I was doing the right thing for my body and still was feeling far from ‘myself’ and to be honest, a bit scared of the effects I was experiencing in my body and mind.

So I decided to contact Hazel at the Verve Clinic to see if I could do more to return to better health and well-being. Hazel is very professional and totally non-judgmental and offers a really detailed assessment of your health and lifestyle. Right from my first session I had received lots of good advice based on my initial assessments. She advised me to take hormone and thyroid tests to help inform my treatment and in the next session Hazel took great effort to explain the results and work out the best way forward.

Her advice has been really integral to me pressing the reset button and introducing new habits in my diet and also in the way I look after myself. I still take the HRT too. I am feeling much more confident about menopause, I know my body better and I’m not afraid of where I’m heading right now!  Julie

Thank you for all the help and support you have given me.  It’s nice to be able to ask someone for advice because health is so important especially when you are experiencing difficulties.


Brain fog, unbelievable tiredness and anxiety galore… I thought it was just me but after doing some hormone testing I’ve found out the imbalances and deficiencies that were dragging me down!


Hazel is fantastic – knowledgeable, supportive and helped me make significant changes without feeling overwhelmed.