Personalised nutrition

Personalised Nutrition

Do you feel permanently hormonal, or like you have lost your spark and simply don’t recognise yourself anymore?   Do you want to feel at home in your body again, and able to live your best life instead of just surviving on a day-to-day basis?

If you no longer know where to start and how to help yourself, you have come to the right place.  With a personalised nutrition programme and techniques to help you navigate those busy and difficult times that might otherwise derail you, you can get control back over your hormones and your health and start to feel like yourself again.    This can work alongside HRT or be a purely natural solution depending on your personal choices.

I am a registered nutritional therapist (the science) and health coach (the motivation).  I help women to transform their heath by getting to the root cause of their symptoms so they understand their own body better and have the tools and confidence to make lasting changes.

Knowing what to eat on your menopause journey is only the half of it.  Having the support and accountability to put it into action is where the magic happens.

I offer three different programmes.  You can choose the programme that works for you based on the level of support you would like, where you are at in your health journey, the severity of your symptoms, and what you want to achieve.

Kickstart plan


An 8-week kick starter programme with monthly support.

This is for you if you know your diet could be better and you want to improve your sleep and stress levels. You will get a tailored programme designed to give you the essential tools to start your health journey.

Nourish programe


A 12-week programme with fortnightly support designed to help you take control of your health whether you are experiencing debilitating symptoms or have a number of “niggles” and want to put your future health to the top of the list.

This is for you if don’t feel like yourself anymore. You may be confused by all the conflicting advice and want to know what is best for YOU.

Renew programe


A 12-week VIP programme with weekly support.

This is for you if you want to put stress, overwhelm and self-sabotage to one side and truly transform your health. You will be supported every step of the way through weekly sessions which will guide, educate and encourage you while we work on your health goals.

 Whatever programme you chose, you will get:

  • A full health assessment to understand your health history, what has brought you to where you are today, and your health goals.
  • Personalised advice on nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation so that you can start feeling like yourself again.
  • Coaching and support so you can have a more balanced response to stress during those busy and difficult times.
  • A review of any recent blood tests carried out by your GP.
  • Access to the best functional tests to help uncover the root cause of your symptoms In order to get you fast and effective results.
  • Helpful handouts, eBooks and recipe Ideas.
  • If you take medication then all supplements will be checked for drug-nutrient Interactions


If it’s been a while since you have prioritised your health you probably don’t know where to start.  Get in touch to get clear on what you need.